We were creating awareness around the benefits of flexibility.

But this wasn’t enough on its own.

The more conversations we had it became painfully evident that there was a ton of discussion and debate on the topic but not a lot of practical “how-to” guidance when it came to truly making changes in the lives of employees.

In organizations where policies were in place, they were incredibly loose. Either open to interpretation or only enforced on a “case by case basis”. This leaves teams and managers feeling unclear and often guilty about taking advantage of this so-called benefit.

Many employees wanted to approach their leadership about a specific type of flexibility they needed but they weren’t comfortable doing so. Most of them were beginning to job search.

And lastly, we heard from many professionals already working outside the office but they felt isolated and frustrated without the tools and support needed to do their job well.


Despite the best intentions, something wasn’t working.

For us, the demand became urgent for practical, no-nonsense, experience-based guidance on a wide range of nuanced topics that weren’t being addressed elsewhere.

So we began offering support on topics like piloting a successful remote working policy, keeping a virtual team engaged as a first time manager, embedding daily routines for long-term success, updating your resume to land a fully remote job, how to interview remote job candidates, and requesting reduced hours with confidence.

These types of projects have shaped the consulting and training service packages we offer today.

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Above all else, we are fierce advocates of flexibility in the workplace.

And we are committed to working with organizations and individuals who share this same ambition. So whether you are an individual looking for more flexibility or you are an organization trying to evolve, seeing you succeed is our happy place. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Cheers to Working Well,

Melissa Malcolm & Maryellen Stockton

P.S. If you have a specific question or workplace challenge, we’d love to hear from you.