We work with organizations to help them solve these common challenges.


Designing a new policy or testing a pilot program.

Your staff is demanding more flexibility than ever before. It’s consistently coming to the top of the list in employee satisfaction surveys. You aren’t sure where to start and still have your own doubts about how it will work for your organization.

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Socialization and adoption of new practices.

We see too many loosely defined policies that are great in theory but fall apart in practice. The lack of clarity and specificity leaves employees feeling isolated and frustrated without the tools and skills they need to succeed.

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Improving communication practices across distributed teams.

Leading a conference call with 15 people across 3 times zones. Managing a team that you’ve never met in person. Staying connected when you’re always on the road. Resolving conflicts when you can’t rely on body language. It’s not easy and it requires some new tools and habits to create intentional changes.


Recruiting and onboarding new virtual team members.

As skills get more specialized talent isn’t always local. Knowing how to interview people who will be working remotely requires a different approach and set of criteria than interviewing people who will be in the office every day.

Virtual workers typically make up their minds about their new employer within the first 30 days. If you aren’t onboarding them in an inclusive and engaging way you may lose valuable team members who will look elsewhere.

Our shared goal remains to eliminate any lingering assumptions that when you're working away from the traditional office setting you are unproductive and disconnected.