Everyone’s situation is unique.

Flexibility can mean many different things depending who you ask.

There’s a movement to find 100% remote positions. Others enjoy the traditional office setting but want to reduce their overall hours. Many people we talk with are wanting to reduce the amount of travel per month.

Some of you simply want the option to vary your location based on the day of the week or type of task.

We take the time to understand how you define flexibility and go from there.


Your priorities are your business.

We work with an extremely diverse group of clients in different stages of their life and their career. While we are both active moms of two young children we consider more than just carpool lines and bedtime stories.

Getting to the gym. Ending a game of phone tag. Making it to your annual physical (without rescheduling 17 times). Traveling to new places. Going on a date.

Lose the guilt and fight for your non-negotiables, whatever they may be.


We know investing in yourself can feel like a luxury.

If you're like many of us, you are constantly taking care of others needs over your own. Your free time is at a minimum.

But there's a reason you have found yourself here…What kind of changes are you looking to make?

We want to help you have the kind of work that actually works with your life. Ready to get the conversation started? We would love to hear your story.